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There was a time where, on a humble little planet, a sequence of events took shape that fundamentally altered the course of all life. It started around the turn of the second millennium and has since gathered momentum. I have seen many things over the decades that have come to pass and I feel that it is most urgent to unlock the secrets of this universe. I am still piecing things together; time will tell what this all means. I am not certain if this message will reach you, but if it does, listen. Your very reality is at stake.

Calamity. Fear and death, corruption, greed, violence and hate. These are all part of life in this world. Our world. Or maybe it is another’s universe. Can we ever know? Perhaps time will tell. What is certain is that this world exists much like yours -- but something went horribly wrong. I am still working things out, but I can say this much: in the hearts and minds of people everywhere, we know that despite all the love and beauty that exists out there, darkness is ever present. And what happens when the evils of the world are left unchecked? What would happen to life on Earth if all good creatures, both biological and synthetic, stopped speaking truth to power? What if we all stopped caring?

This is my attempt to preserve as many stories from my universe as I can. It is broken, dark, dying; much is already beyond salvation. But fragments remain. This database contains the information I have been able to find -- stories, documents, images. Perhaps, pieced together, they will create a mosaic of what was and what will be. Wherever you are in the space-time continuum, if this is indeed your universe too, I hope this will help you. It is too late for me, but you still have time. For now…

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