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Android Superstation is a rock band from Orange County, California. It was conceptualized in 2017 by Marc and Heather, and made complete by Danny and James. Together, the group creates original music with a myriad of influences, from pop to prog to ambient industrial.


This band creates music that allows people to feel something. We live in an increasingly isolating and dehumanized world, but music is a great vector to remind people of their own humanity and to bring them together.


Beyond that, Android Superstation has created a universe that uses comics, short stories, and visual art to explore the depths of the human condition - good, bad, and otherwise.



This Side of Nowhere (2020)

This Side of Nowhere explores the human condition, telling a story of struggle, tragedy, and hope. Its songs hearken back to the past but are firmly grounded in the future, its sounds meant for the arenas and your parents' garages alike. Fans of Pink Floyd-style psychedelia will enjoy the title track and “The Other Side;” harder rockers will appreciate “Alive,” “Fractured,” and “All There Is.” For the prog fans, “After You” and “Collide” provide a little musical intellectualism (and theatrics), while “Through the Darkness” and “Faith” take on a gentler, more intimate tone. From the most personal thoughts to grand statements about humanity as a whole, This Side of Nowhere has a little bit of everything – so get ready for a wild ride.

Who we are


Danny Day Church - vocals, guitar

Heather Moore - vocals, keyboards

James Yan - bass

Marc Voss - drums

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